Membership Benefits

Did someone say perks? Let us make your life a little easier!


As a Proactiv member, you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits from convenient delivery right to your door to exclusive discounts, special promotions and insider access to our latest product launches. Here’s a look at what you can expect: 

Enjoy Our Subscription Program & Save

Once you’ve selected your skincare kit, there’s no need to reorder product each month. Approximately every 12 weeks after your first shipment, we’ll deliver a new 90-day supply to your doorstep automatically at a price that’s well below retail. As a member, you will also have the option to pay for each 90-day supply in three installments or all at once. To arrange the billing cycle that works best for you, log in and chat with us or call Customer Care at 1-800-309-4796.

Be in Control

Manage your account and enjoy complete access to your skincare treatment anywhere, any time. Make profile updates, change the products in your kit or adjust your shipping schedule without missing a beat.

Customize Your Kit

Choose the products you want to receive in your next shipment. Need to make a tweak? No problem. The best part? You can select the products that work best for your skin so your kit is as unique as you.

Get Monthly Promotions

Check your inbox for discounts on your favorite Proactiv products each month.

Shop (Without Paying Retail)

Shop our full catalog of products at our members-only discount. Plus, you’ll enjoy additional promotions just for being a member. Sweet!

Schedule Your Shipments

Too little product? Receiving shipments too often? Speed up or slow down shipments as needed. It’s easy to streamline your acne routine!

Learn Everything Acne

We’re the acne experts, and we’ve heard it all (seriously!). Get insider tips to help you on your clear skin journey. We’re here to get you clear® and that means being available for all your skin needs 24/7.