Try Proactiv's 1-step acne mark correcting pads infused with salicylic acid plus glycolic acid to help fade acne marks.
Model: BJJ737
Proactiv Mark Correcting Pads

Proactiv Mark Correcting Pads

These pads are designed to resurface the skin with exfoliating glycolic acid, helping to fade the look of post acne dark marks and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

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Helps remove oil and other impurities|Designed to help reduce the appearance of dark marks left behind by acne blemishes|Infused with antioxidants green tea to help soothe and protect the skin|Use regularly to help control oil and minimize the appearance of pores|Formulated with glycolic acid|Non-comedogenic, for acne-prone skin|Dermatologist-tested|Suitable for all skin types|Size: 15 pads


A specialized product designed to enhance your current skincare regimen. Apply onto clean skin at night. Lightly wipe the Proactiv Mark Correcting Pads across the face, neck or any area that needs to be treated – avoiding the eye area. Do not wash off. Use once a week. Can also be used as a quick start to help clear spots, apply at night 5 days in a row, once a month. If bothersome dryness or peeling should occur, reduce application use. If going outside, use a sunscreen. TIP: For best results, apply onto clean skin at night after Step 1, avoiding the eye area. Leave on and continue with the Proactiv+ system.

Doctor Developed

Dermatologist developed, Proactiv is an effective 3-step acne system designed to give everyone the clear skin they deserve. All of our products can be used in conjunction with the 3-step acne system or as an addition to your skincare routine.

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