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Rated 5 out of 5 by Improvements right away I noticed improvements with just the first use. My skin felt like a new born baby's skin. The break-outs begun to diminish and I had an incredible glow. After using the products the first time, my husband looked at me and said "I see a difference in your skin already because your skin has a beautiful glow. I was so happy that he noticed that with just the first use. I said to him, "I've used many products but never have I used anything that worked with just the first use". This is incredible!! I am so impressed with how fast this product really works. Where have this been all my life? Incredible!!1 01/22/2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by "Your skin is so beautiful!" I've struggled with acne off and on since my early teens, so now when someone tells me my skin is beautiful, it's extremely gratifying. My skin has never been so clear and radiant! My acne is completely gone, my skin has a glow that it's never had before, and to top it off, the wrinkles around my mouth and eyes have diminished significantly. I use the Proactiv+ Makeup Cleansing Wipes, the 3 Step System, and the Re-Texturizing Toner. Over the past year of using Proactiv+, I've learned a few things that really make a difference: 1. You MUST stay dedicated and consistently use the 3 Step System. 2. For me, removing all makeup prior to Step 1 is key. If the cleanser isn't having to break down my makeup, my skin gets the full benefits. 3. It's vital that you let your skin completely dry and fully absorb each product before moving to the next step: don't apply Step 2 if your face is still damp from using Step 1; don't apply Step 3 if your face is still moist from using Step 2. Give each product time to work. I also recommend using the Proactiv+ Re-Texturizing Toner after Step 1. I love this product! The Toner removes any leftover traces of makeup or cleanser, while also delivering a vast array of benefits. There are a few areas I believe could be improved: 1. They should provide a bigger tube of the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. I always have to order 2 tubes per kit, or I will run out too soon. 2. The Re-Texturizing Toner only comes with enough pads to use it once a day, so I have to go buy additional cotton pads elsewhere. They should, at the very least, give the option of purchasing additional pads to go with the Toner. 3. The Makeup Cleansing Wipes do a great job removing all makeup without irritating the skin, but they are too small and thin. I keep using them because they're the only wipes I've ever used that don't make my face break out. Great product - just needs a little tweaking. Bottom line - it's the best skin care line I've ever used and it's worth every penny. I highly recommend Proactiv+ to any woman of any age that's seeking a great acne treatment and/or anti-aging treatment. 01/22/2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by So worth the money DO the math ...it's worth it. I would be spending so much more if I was at the drug store. I would not see the results. Only after 1 month of use starting to clear up....big time! 01/21/2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Thank you! For whatever terrible reason, at 23 my skin looked like I was 16. All hormones I'm sure. My chin was the spot that got me the most. I always had atleast 1-2 pimples plus those forming. One day while I was watching TV I saw the Proactiv+ commercial and Adam Levines handsome face (I mean, what a perfect human, wow!) and figured I'd give it a shot. My hopes weren't too high for this product given that I used the old three step system and I hated it. However, Proactiv has really outdone themselves! My skin has been a dream (knock on wood), I've never felt so gorgeous in my life! I've had one pimple since using it, most likely due to "that time of the month" and I had a monster forming that went away and never surfaced. I have tried to wash my face around the same time everyday and 12 hours apart. So around 8am I'll get up for work and use the system. Then around 8pm I'll shower and use the system again. Ensuring I'm getting 12 hours of medication into my skin, like you would do vitamins. I'm obviously not a dermatologist, but it made some sense to me and helped to cut out any irritation. Its so easy to use a monkey could do it and the directions are as clear as day. Literally foolproof. Round of applause to Proactiv for combating my adult acne in an affordable manner. I could kiss you all! 01/21/2015
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