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Acne Creates a Wall

Do you sometimes avoid social events? Do you shy away from situations where your skin is in the spotlight? Have you stopped doing the things you love with the people you love? When you have acne, it can feel like a wall.

Breakouts and the problems that happen in acne-prone skin -- dry skin, dull complexion, excess oiliness, discoloration -- can affect every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, often the treatments are worse than the acne itself. Many products are harsh and irritating and create additional redness and dryness that makes it even more embarrassing.

Get Back Control Over Your Skin

The wall that acne creates can get between you and the people you want to meet, the things in life you want to do, the person you want to be. And with health care being so expensive, very few who suffer make it to the doctor's office or get access to the effective treatments that they really need.

That's why Proactiv+ changes everything. It gives you back control over your skin with a proven combination of acne-treating medicine and skincare ingredients that improve the essential parts of your complexion.

Here are some of the inspirational stories of people like you who are declaring victory over acne and enjoying the life-changing benefits of Proactiv+...

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Jillian, 30

"I am just thrilled. I didn't expect my skin to look this clear."
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Kara, 24

"The best part is feeling confident and going out-even without makeup."
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Jodi, 33

"Now I can go into any meeting, any situation, and not worry about my skin."
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