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That's right. You've found Proactiv+. You’ve discovered an acne treatment system that does what it says … clears your acne and helps prevent future breakouts. Proactiv+ also delivers the exceptional skincare benefits of a visibly hydrated, even toned, radiant complexion. You can change the way your skin looks, starting today.

Acne treatment + premium skincare..

The Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who started America's #1 acne brand Proactiv® have revolutionized acne treatment once again. Now, Proactiv+ is even more focused on fighting acne with our exclusive Smart Target® technology that delivers 2X more medicine into the pores, exactly where acne starts. It’s our fastest, gentlest, most effective Proactiv® acne treatment ever.

Plus, we've enhanced the system to go beyond just treating acne. Proactiv+ delivers more exceptional skincare benefits so you can use one skincare system to manage acne and take care of other skin issues, like the look of large pores, dry skin, uneven texture and tone, visible dark marks and loss of radiance. "The plus in Proactiv+ symbolizes that we've taken Proactiv® to a whole new level," says Dr. Rodan.

"With Proactiv+, our goal is to give
everyone the clear skin we all deserve plus
the healthy, glowing, radiant complexion
we all want."- Drs. Rodan and Fields

Why it works.

We've heard some people think there's a secret ingredient in Proactiv+ that makes it work so well. After all, how can our acne treatment system clear up skin when our customers tell us so many other products failed? That’s just it. The way a product is made does matter.

Proactiv+ works because of its unique formulations and its overall regimen approach. Each proprietary formula targets a specific step in the acne process and builds on the previous step. Taken as a whole, the Proactiv+ system contains powerful medicines designed to kill bacteria, help reduce irritation, and exfoliate skin so pores don’t clog. Just like a blue ribbon winning recipe, our secret is this: Proactiv + has been scientifically designed for maximum efficacy. We strive our best to get the most out of what we believe are the best anti-acne ingredients out there And so will you.

And beyond controlling your acne, the formulas in Proactiv+ deliver extraordinary skincare benefits so that your skin is hydrated, more even toned, and visibly smoother.

We want to share our secret with you. And then, you'll want to tell everyone you know.

Your Skin Can be Clear.

Acne is tough, on teens, and on women and men of all ages. The effects of acne are not just skin deep; acne impacts your self-esteem. Being in control of your acne frees you to feel positive about your skin – and yourself --outside and inside. That's what Proactiv+ can do for you, help reveal your true self to the world. And now with Proactiv+, your beautiful skin, and the confidence that comes with it, will continue to improve after your acne has cleared, which is priceless.

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